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What things should I check in the Spring after I take my bike out of storage, but before I put it on the road?

CLUTCH. Prior to starting your vehicle, engage the clutch and put the bike in gear. Then let go of the clutch and push it back and forth a few times, making sure the bike doesn't roll.

BATTERY. Clean and check the tightness of battery connections. Battery terminals should be tightened to no more than 40 in-lbs. Make sure to wash your hands after handling battery.

SPARK PLUGS. Remove and inspect your spark plugs. Replace with new ones if necessary.

AIR CLEANER. Check your air cleaner filter. Remove any excess dust or debris.

FLUID CHECK. Check your oil tank level (cold check). Check transmission lubricant level. Add fluids to appropriate marked levels if necessary.

START IT UP. Start the engine and run it until the motorcycle reaches normal operating temperature. Turn ignition key switch to off position.

REPEAT AND CHECK OIL AGAIN. Turn engine over a few times to be sure there is no oil in the crankcase and that all oil has been pumped back into the oil tank. Stop engine and re-check oil level (hot check).

CONTROLS. Check controls to be sure they are operating properly. Operate front and rear brakes, throttle, clutch and shifter.

STEERING. Check steering for smoothness by turning handlebars through the full operating range.

TIRES. Check tire pressure. Incorrect pressure will result in poor riding characteristics and can affect handling and stability. Refer to owner's manual or tire sidewall for proper pressure.

ELECTRICAL. Check all electrical equipment and switches including headlamp, tail/stop lamp, turn signals and horn for proper operation.

FINAL FLUID CHECK. Check for any fuel, oil or brake fluid leaks.



Honda Nighthawk FAQ

Dean Lowe, Victoria BC, Canada

I found that the 'S' is extremely tolerant, and requires very little maintenance, so most of my suggestions are things not to do. I'm a little afraid to post this, since I'm sure others will disagree, but I guess that's what this list is about.

Lane Pipkin, Charleston, SC

The bike is overall very reliable (6000 carefree miles last summer) fast enough for any sane person, and comfortable on long trips. It's probably the best bike I've ever owned, but I've only been riding since 1970 so what do I know? Enjoy yours!!