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Shawn's Close Encounter With an Unidentified Flying Tire Object

This is what happens when you're driving safely on Interstate-90 East in the morning doing about 75 mph minding your own business, and a WHEEL from a car going in the opposite direction comes off and bounces over the cement median barricade and lands directly on the hood of your 1992 Mazda Protégé before merrily continuing it's journey down the highway.  Can you say totaled?

An advertisement for MAACO autobody: before and after pictures (forground and background) after being attacked by a herd of Michelins.

Note the delux airplane spotting headlight feature.

Just a small toxic environmental hazard that leaked out of my car and into the cracks in the Polaroid parking lot.

All I have to do is replace the hood...

...well maybe not.  At least I wasn't riding my motorcycle.