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Voltage Regulator Trouble Shooting

Fork seal replacement
             The shop manual has an entire section dedicated to the front end of the
             bike, with many exploded views for all the parts that could explode.  I
             had no idea there were so many parts involved in the front end
             suspension (according to the manual).  So without further
             procrastination, here is the process to change your front fork seals on the CB700SC...

             The front fork fluid capacity is:
             Right 423 cc (14.2 oz)
             Left 429 cc (14.5 oz)

             1. Remove the front wheel
             2. Remove the brake calipers and brackets
             3. Remove the fender
             4. Remove the fork brace
             5. Loosen the fork upper and lower pinch bolts
             6. Pull the fork tubes down and out while twisting to remove them

             1. Remove the reflector bolts and reflector from the fork leg
             2. Depress the air valve and release front fork air pressure
             3. Hold the fork tube in a vise with soft jaws or a shop towel and
             remove the fork tube cap
             4. Remove the spacer, washer, and fork spring
             5. Pour out the fluid
             6. Pour the remaining fork fluid out by pumping the fork tube several
             7. Hold the fork piston with the "special tools"
             (Fork Piston Holder 07930-KA40200 attachment 07930-KA50100)
             8. Hold the fork slider in a vise with soft jaws or a  shop towel
             9. Remove the socket bolt with a 8 mm hex wrench
             10. Remove the dust seal, snap ring, and washer
             11. Pull the fork tube out until resistance from the slider bushing is
             felt.  Then move it in and out, tapping the bushing lightly until the
             fork tube separates from the slider. The bushing will be forced out by
             the fork tube bushing
             12.  On the left fork, remove the spring seat, spring and oil lock valve
             from inside the slider.
             13. Remove the oil lock piece from inside trhe slider
             14. Remove the oil seal, back-up ring and slider bushing from the fork

             1. Measure the fork spring free length.  Replace the spring if shorter
             thant 428mm/16.9 inches.
             2. Check the fork tube, fork slider and piston for score marks,
             scratches, or excessive or abnormal wear.  replace damaged or worn
             3. Visually inspect the slider and fork tube bushings.  Replace if there
             is excessive scratching or if the teflon is worn so that the copper
             surface appears on more than 3/4 of the entire surface.

             1. Before assembly, wash all parts with a high flash point or
             non-flammable solvent and wipe them off completely.
             2. Insert the rebound spring and piston in the fork tube
             3. On the left fork, install the spring seat, spring, and oil lock valve
             on the piston.
             4. Place the oil lock piece on the end of the piston and insert the fork
             tube into the slider.
             5. Hold the piston with the "special tools" (piston holder)
             6. Place the fork slider in a vise with soft jaws or a shop towel
             7. Apply a locking agent to the socket bolt and thread it into the
             piston.  Tighten with an 8 mm hex wrench
             8. Place the slider bushing over the fork tube and rest it on the slider
             9. Put the back-up ring and an old bushing or equivalent tool on top
             10. Drive the new bushing into place with the seal driver and remove the
             old bushing
             11. Coat a new oil seal with ATF and install it with the seal markings
             facing up.  Dirve the seal in with the seal driver
             12.  Install the washer, snap ring,a nd dust seal
             13. Compress the front fork and pour ATF into the fork tube
             (specified level: right 143mm (5.63 in), left: 141 mm (5.55 in)
             14. Place the fork spring, washer, and spacer into the fork tube (note
             the spring's tight windings should face toward the top)
             15. Install and torque the fork tube cap, then the reflector.

             1. Install the front forks
             2. Tighten the bottom pinch bolts, then the top
             3. Loosely install the front fork brace
             4. Install the removed parts in the reverse order of removal: front
             fender, brake caliper, front wheel
             5. Tighten the front fork brace
             6. Fill the fork tubes with air to 0-6psi
             7. With the frint brake applied, pump the front forks up and down
             several times