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Modified Nighthawks section

From: Geoff McLelland (

I have a few pictures that a guy sent me who is trying to sell his 700S and has done alot of what you plan to do. He put on Cobra slip-on's shortened the signal stalks and removed the rear fender. He also changed the headlight to a round one and removed the bikini fairing. I'll include the pic's for you. I haven't had a chance to do anything to my bike, you see I just bought it and it's in the shop getting some heavy duty work on it. That's why I'm not sure if shortening the signal stalks would be an easy thing or not. I would imagine it's as easy as removing the rubber piece in the center of it and reattaching it to the frame. The crank seal on my bike needs replacing and in order to get at it the engine needs to be removed and disassembled. The spark plug thread in the #3 cylinder was cross threaded and I'm getting a heelie coil put to prevent any debris from getting in the cylinder. I can't wait to get it back though, since I've bought the bike I've ridden it a total of 3 hours. ARGH!! As for tires I've read on RandyO's page that some guy put on Brigestone Battlax BT's and he said it was like adding power steering but I don't know how true it really is. I'm going to be in the same situation as you. My rear tire needs to be replaced, it's got some weather cracking on the sidewalls. I agree with you on the Corbin seat. It does look goofy with that big blue strip. Stick with the original one.

From: Ralph Wijnands (

I thought you might wanna see this... It's a drawing I've made based on the picture of an original 700 S. A guy who has sold me a Cagiva Ala Verde 350 SST a few months ago ( I’ve got 3!!!) also has got a Nighthawk 700 S, which I can buy for a very good price... Its engine has to be rebuild in the future but that isn't a problem... Anyhow... If I buy that bike... the picture shows how it is going to look! I hope you like it... the orange bike is the one I'm planning to buy If you wonder why it's orange and more important, why there are lion figures all over... I'm from Holland and I don't know if you've heard, but we've had the world cup soccer a few months ago. The lion you see on the picture is the " Dutch lion" from the well-known Dutch song " laat de leeuw niet in zijn hempie staan" (translated) " don't let the lion stand in his shirt”. The current owner thought it would be funny to paint the bike in " the Dutch colour", idiot! A lot of very interesting information but the point of this story is that the lion pictures will be removed... the orange colour??? Don’t know. I'm starting to appreciate it quite a bit!

From: Lane Pipkin (

84 700S mod I thought you would like to see this. Who says a Yoshimura GPZ 1000 canister can't be made to fit a Jardine 700 Nighthawk 4/1? The best part is: it required no rejetting to run great. I've got some other stuff to show you, but listbot limits the message size, so it'll have to be one at a time. I've eliminated my rear fender including the subframe, and built my own version of the "Corbin gunfighter" saddle.

the rear end...
here's the seat pic...
finally, the whole package... This is the whole bike, excuse the garage, it's a disaster area! Too many projects in progress. I welcome any comments, questions, or critiques. Enjoy! Lane Pipkin, Charleston, SC
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