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 Shawn T. Samuelson
50 Commons Dr., #53 · Shrewsbury, MA 01545 · Phone: (508) 842-7876 · Fax: (781) 386-4583

OBJECTIVE To obtain a position that would allow me to utilize both my engineering skills and my business and management education as project team leader or as manager.
Executive M.B.A., May 1998.  Research: Financial Indicators Of Stock Price Performance. 
Emphasis in Finance, Team oriented. G.P.A. 3.77/4.0
M.S., Biomedical Engineering, May 1995.  Research: An Investigation Into The Effects Of Heart Disease On Flow Waveform Indices. B.S., Aerospace Engineering, Dec. 1991. Economics minor. GPA: 3.25/4.0
Mechanical Engineering. GPA: 3.23/4.0, Dean?s List.
EXPERTISE Computer Skills: C, embedded systems, UI and application development, Unix, Solaris, pSOS, Office97, HTML/WWW/Internet.
  Relevant MBA course work: Capital Management, Portfolio Management, Portfolio Research, MicroComputer Technology and Applications, Telecommunications, Strategic Management, Human Behavior & Organizational Theory, Operations Management, Management Communications, Decision Science, International Management (Ireland seminar).
EXPERIENCE Polaroid Corp., Waltham, MA  
(1996 - present) 
Medical Imaging Software Engineer. Developed and ported embedded software for a medical imaging device which produces high quality, reproducible images using digital data from CAT scanners, MRI, Ultrasound, and other medical imaging modalities. Software was written in C and C++ and development was done under both Solaris and pSOS. Specific module responsibilities included calibration of laser imaging subsystem, user interface, and interprocess communication. Was involved in entire development cycle from customer-based requirements through system specification, to testing and debugging. Implemented and headed documentation milestone schedule and responsibility assignments to the medical imaging software engineering department for low level software functional specification.
  Gold Systems, Inc., Boulder, CO 
Interactive Telecommunications Software Developer. Created interactive communication tools to manage the transfer of information in a business environment. UNIX, C, and SQL were primary tools used on the AT&T CONVERSANT platform. Company designed software for such customers as AT&T and Hewlett Packard. Applications encompassed interactive voice, data, and fax. Was involved in bidding process, design, implementation, testing, customer site installation, documentation, and wrap-up of project. Had direct customer contact and responsibility.
  Woodward State Hospital-School, Woodward, IA 
Rehabilitation Engineer. Designed, constructed, modified, and repaired prototypical mechanical and electronic devices for people in the Mental Retardation field with physical and developmental disabilities to allow them to control their environment as well as to promote independent living. Devices included communication, dining, wheelchair seating and positioning, and microswitch remote control devices for lights, appliances, etc. As lead engineer, assisted in evaluating client needs, provided training to new students, guided facility tours. Took responsibility for completion of many aspects of project, including working with carpentry and welding tools when necessary. Patient safety was a high priority, so was involved in extensive and thorough testing.
M.B.A. Research: Project team leader on research project to find corporate financial measure correlating with stock price that would allow a stock fund to perform better than the S&P500 Index, on average. Organized and communicated schedule and criteria information to 15 students to enable them to gather and analyze data. Took charge of data gathering by delegating responsibilities to other students and following up to make sure they completed work on time and with precision. Results of the project did indicate a strong correlation between our financial measures and stock performance. This research has been presented at both local and regional conferences, and has been very well received. 

Team leader for Portfolio Management and Operations Management groups of five team members each; assisted Portfolio instructor in developing, updating, and organizing this year?s Portfolio Research Seminar class responsibilities and data analysis for top performing mutual funds and stock portfolios. Capital Management included dividend theory, capital structure theory, capital budgeting, long-term financing decisions, cash management and corporate restructuring, marketing efficiency, and risk liability management. International Seminar in Ireland emphasized the impact of the Euro currency and international management styles on American capitalism and business. Telecommunications and Microcomputer Technology classes included micro-to-mainframe interfaces, LANs, evolving standards, integration of voice and data services, and evaluation of relevant products and services involved in management decisions, such as spreadsheet models and database packages.

  M.S. Thesis: Created a computational model of most of the major arteries in the body using the finite difference method. Model was written in FORTRAN on a DEC Alpha UNIX workstation. Blood pressure and flow waveforms and their derived indices were calculated for various clinically significant cases, including heart disease, and compared to in vivo and non-invasive data for verification. No statistical analysis was done, but initial results were promising. This model could prove beneficial in the medical field as a tool to help diagnose circulatory problems. 
  B.S. Senior Project: Evaluated, tested, and improved the structural integrity of a diesel engine solenoid bracket using finite element and experimental structural analysis. The results were used by a private manufacturer to improve their product. Thesis involved using accelerometers, ANSYS, and STAR modal analysis programs. 
  • Biomedical Engineering Society, 1993-1994 I.S.U. Student Chapter Vice President
  • Suffolk University Portfolio Finance Research Committee, Charter founder and member
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