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Nighthawk Owner's Pictures

From: Mike Ellerbe (

I've just joined the list and thought I'd introduce myself. My name is Mike Ellerbe and I live in Plano, TX. I've recently purchased my first "S" model, although I've wanted one since 1991. I had an '86 model under negotiations in 1991, but the deal fell through and so I stuck with sportbikes until age made comfort more important than appearance/speed. WRT Nighthawks, I've always loved the "S" models. They are IMHO one of the best looking bikes ever made. The self adjusting valves and shaft drive mean low maintenance, and with a great exhaust note, it's a hard combination to beat. I paid too much for this one, but it had less than 10K miles and was an original owner bike, so I paid too much. I've attached a photo, and as you can see, it's in very good condition.

From: Jamie Steele (

I thought I would pass this photo along. The blue bike is an '85 and the red one is an '84. The blue bike has the BattleAx tires, front and back, it handles great!

From: Zoren Bullock (

Here is a photo of my 84 nighthawk. I picked it up this summer, it has 14,000 miles on it. It is stock and used to commute to college every day. Beautiful bike, it has been taken care of very well and runs great.

From: Tom Yablonski (

Here is a picture of my Nighthawk. I've painted it and had some custom decals made.

From: Greg Ashton (

Greg Ashton here, from the Great White North, Canada "eh". Its a little warm up here for this time of the year [December], so the 750 1984 Hawk is still on the road. A real gem of a bike, only 30,000KM on her and she's running and looking like she just came out of the Honda plant. Take a look. The only mode is the Cobra slip ons, what a fit, no rejetting, no holes to drill, just slip em on. Sounds a little more throaty than the original pipe.

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