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Modified Nighthawks Section (page 3)

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From Ralph Wijnands (

I sold my orange Honda, because I got sick of it. There were a lot of things that had to be repaired and I didn't have the time or the money to do it. I sold it to a collague who fixed it in a weekend. One of the biggest problems was that one of the cilinders wasn't working. I thought it had to do with a crack in de cilinderhead, which was repaired by the guy who sold me the bike. Therefor I thought that it would probably be very difficult to repair it. My collague found out, after he bougt the bike, that the cilinderhead was ok. It was the sparkplugcable. He fixed everything for about 100 dollars. You can amagine that I wasn't very happy when I heart that. Well to bad. I bought a new bike from another collague. A Honda 750SC Nighthawk ( a picture is attached) and eventhough it is a little bit older ('84) an it has the b'ol dor engine instead of the kind that is mounted in te 700SC, it never lets me down, drives like hell and is real great fun! It has been updated already since I'm still in the proces of building it. I've mounted a REMUS VIPER exhaust..