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50 Commons Dr., #53
Shrewsbury, MA  01545
Phone: (508) 842-7876


To study and solve human biomedical problems in a research and development setting integrating diverse skills, experience, and education in project management, scientific experimental design, and biomedical engineering theory.
Education Experience
Polaroid Corp., Waltham, MA 10/96 - present
Designed, developed, and tested software algorithms for a $10mm product line medical imaging device which produced high resolution, digitally half-toned, reproducible black and white images. Produced digital data from CAT scanners, MRI, Ultrasound, and other medical imaging modalities.
  • Calibrated prototype dual laser head imaging subsystem, expanded user interface module and interprocess communication enabling enhanced accuracy of medical images as a diagnostic tool.
  • Contributed to the entire development cycle from customer-based requirements through system specification, system testing and debugging, to production release.
  • Implemented and headed documentation milestone schedule for functional specifications on medical imaging software. Documents were used for technical briefings at meetings and as a guideline for software development.
  • Compiled and analyzed operational, test, and research image data and authored protocols to establish performance standards for newly designed or modified processes - ISO 9000/9001 compliant.
  • Generated time schedules and status reports to engineering team to increase efficiency of cross-functional work.
  • Gold Systems, Inc., Boulder, CO 9/95 - 9/96
    Created interactive communication tools to manage the transfer of information in a business environment. Company designed software for such customers as AT&T and Hewlett Packard. Applications encompassed interactive voice, data, and fax.
  • Performed dual responsibilities of project manager and software developer for product development cycle efficiency.
  • Focused on project reliability, customer relationships and needs; completed all projects under budget and on time.
  • Participated in bidding process, design, implementation, testing, customer site installation, documentation, project wrap-up, and technical support.
  • Woodward State Hospital-School, Woodward, IA 6/92 - 9/95
    Designed, constructed, adapted, and repaired prototypical mechanical and electronic devices for people in the Mental Retardation field with physical and developmental disabilities to allow them to control their environment as well as to promote independent living.
  • Produced ideas in conjunction with occupational and physical therapists to increase patient independence and safety. Worked with personnel at all levels to gain the required input during the product development process.
  • Developed and tested devices including communication/sensory, dining, wheelchair seating and positioning, and microswitch remote control devices for lights and appliances.
  • Assisted in evaluating subjectís needs, provided training to new students, and guided facility tours as lead student engineer; directed project & process development; suggested & implemented cost reduction programs.
  • Designed trade show booth and provided demonstrations of various adaptive device applications used by patients at regional shows, increasing public awareness.
  • Research
    M.S. Thesis: "An Investigation into the Effects of Heart Disease on Flow Waveform Indices." Created a computational fluid model of 55 of the major arteries in the body using the finite difference method, FFT of proximal flow conditions, and introducing wall shear stresses and vasodilatation.
    Relevant Knowledge
    Biomedical course work:
    Rehabilitation Technology Design, Physiology for Engineers, Advanced Anatomy and Physiology, Animal Experimental Surgery, Statistic Design and Analysis of Experiments, Biomechanics, Biofluid Mechanics, Biomaterials, Biological Signal Processing, Mechanics of Materials, Mechanical Engineering Design, Thermodynamics, Statics, Dynamics, Zoology.

    Management course work:
    Behavior & Organizational Theory, Management Communications, Decision Science, MicroComputer Technology and Applications, Financial Budgeting.

    Applied engineering:

  • Empirical knowledge of a variety of materials including thermoplastics, wood, metal, foam, vinyl.
  • Metal and plastic welding, vacuum forming, woodworking, simple electronics, riveting, sewing.
  • Seating and positioning, positive sensory reinforcement designed and developed joystick for quadriplegics, computational model of load and torque applied to the body when lifting a 50-lb. object.
  • Experience with basic tools for collecting biomechanical data including video motion analysis systems, force plates, and ECG systems.
  • Computer:
  • Operating System/Environment: Win95, Solaris UNIX, pSOS
  • Tools: Pro/ENGINEER, SPSS, WORD, EXCEL, ACCESS, Visio, PowerPoint, HTML, ClearCase, DDTS, vi, emacs, ftp, telnet, ksh, tcsh, LaTeX, Usenet, MeetingMaker
  • Programming: C, C++, FORTRAN, application development
  • Honors, Awards, and Publications Activities